In the Community, We Are United in Our Dedication to Children’s Rights

Our Mission

We strive to achieve our goal on reducing the high rate and break the cycle of Domestic Violence by supporting and empowering the victims of Domestic Violence through Awareness Campaigns.

To reduce the number of delinquent children and school drop outs and empower the community to take more active role on building a sense of humanity to delinquent children and to empower them to fight for their better Future!

Our Vision

To reduce, support, empower and prevent Domestic Violence and other abuses in the community and also to build a life of our young stars and grow up with the sense of huminity.



  • Kurhula-A & B
  • Humulani
  • Ninakhulu
  • Far-East
  • Five-Rooms
  • Four-Rooms
  • Stadium
  • R.D.P
  • Biko
  • B-Extension
  • Township
  • Matiko-Xikaya


  • Mahale
  • Selwane
  • Prieska
  • Majeje 3


Shelter: A term used for any building or premises maintained or used for the reception, protection and temporary care of people in stressful circumstances, who voluntarily attend the facility but are free to leave (two weeks up to six months as the need dictates)

Victim Empowerment: Is an approach to facilitating access to a arrange of services for all people who individually or collectively suffered harm, trauma and/or material loss through violence, crime, natural disaster, human accident and/or through socio-economic conditions.

Victim Support: empathic, person-centered assistance rendered by an organization or individual following an incident of victimization.

VEP Center: a one stop multi-disciplinary centre primarily addressing the trauma related to a specific crisis with which a person has been confronted. (Offer only short-term intervention