Only Together We Can

Build a Community Where All People Are Safe, Strong & Empowered

Who We Are

The Victim Empowerment Programme (VEP) is a multi-faceted and inter-sectoral program that seeks to ensure that the criminal justice system is responsive to the diverse needs of victims of violent crimes (especially Violence against Women and Children).

The aim of VEP is to provide a holistic and effective person centered support service for victims of violence & crime. Interventions of both preventative & curative nature are implied.



Khumbhekani Victim Empowerment is a Non Profit Organization formed by a group of women on the 06th December 2005 after they have realized that there is a high rate of domestic violence, Gender Based Violence, Trafficking abuse, Violation of Human Rights and any other types of abuses. A lot of victims back then suffered a great trauma which may lead to a cycle of domestic violence, a lot of victims’ rights were violated in the past due to a lack of knowledge from the side of  the victim.  The organization is formed to reduce the high rate of domestic violence, break the cycle of domestic violence, Provide support and care to victims, rehabilitate offenders of domestic violence, support and empower the victims through in the justice system process and to educate and empower the community to know and exercise their rights. This organization also conduct HIV Counselling and test trained by Foundation for Professional Development. We also received trainings from the Department of Social Development and HWSETA to provide a quality service. We are registered as an NPO with the registration number 067-236-NPO. The organization is situated at  stand no: 1655 Chris Hani Street at Lulekani SAPS-office 217 to accomplish its vision.

Khumbhekani Victim Empowerment is an NPO which exist to support the community.

This simply means that the organization does not generate funds, but instead it depends on donations from different institutions National and International.

Who are working at this Organization

There are people who are well trained to provide this service.

Khumbhekani Victim Empowerment is doing great on providing the service of fighting against different kinds of abuses such as Rape, Domestic Violence, etc. To reduce the high rate of domestic violence and break the cycle of domestic violence which may lead our community to be on the high rate of crime. We host awareness campaigns to prevent, educate and empower the community to stop and Act against domestic violence and also provide trauma debriefing and counselling families in conflict on a daily basis.

Sekwenele” about abuses to our community, we are expecting a good new generation and live an acceptable life. The organization committed itself to conduct School Visit and Welcome Back to School Campaigns to prevent drugs abuses and violence at schools that the causes School dropouts, crime and Teenage pregnancy. If the organization can receive enough funds from the companies and Donors, the organization can put more effort on providing service to the community.

The Science states that the main cause of delinquent behavior to the children is a poverty, the organization apply a donation of food from the nearest supermarket and clothes, to assist the poor and vulnerable families who identified during door to door campaigns.

We also visit Schools to observe the work performance of identified delinquent children to check whether they are busy coping or not, we do this in this way, we check the register that we placed it at School for them to sign a time in and out, we check their books and their conduct at School. We also visit their home for observation of their lives by discussing about their lives with their parents.

We have just committed ourselves to provide this service for our community to reduce the causes of crime and violence through funds applied from different donors. And this will lead our country to be an acceptable country to other nations. They will have a desire/interest of doing their business in our country because the rate of crime will be low. “We strive to achieve our goal for providing a proper service.